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Grilling Safety Tips

Your first step when buying a new grill is to read the owner’s manual to understand how to maintain, assemble, use, clean and store your particular grill….

Fire Safety: Have Your Smoke and CO Detectors Reached The End Of Their Useful Life?

As they age, sensors begin to lose sensitivity. You want any alarm in your house to be at its peak sensing ability, to ensure your safety….

Cellular Monitoring And Home Security

Cellular Monitoring has become more relevant and is emerging as the new standard for home security solutions…..

Scams: My Contract Says What?!?!

Always remember to read the fine print. A lot of companies are luring consumers in with a low monthly monitoring rate. They sometimes fail to mention that this rate is only an introductory rate….

Top Items Wanted In A Home Break In

A burglar looks for items which are small, valuable and easy to remove. Some of the tops items a burglar wants from your home are..

Home Automation Ideas For Your Home

Smart Homes and Home Automation Technology are becoming the new “norm” in the modern house. The uses of these technologies are endless…

Insurance Companies Offer Huge Discounts For Monitored Alarm Systems

The reason insurance companies are now offering such huge discounts for customers who have a monitored security system installed is because modern systems are more reliable than ever before….

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