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Home Automation: It Can Help Keep Your Children Safe

With school starting for most children this week, many working parents are faced with an after-school childcare dilemma. Whether the decision is to hire a “sitter”or to allow them to stay home alone after school, as parents, we always worry about our children’s safety. Luckily, with advances in technology, today a smart home automation system can offer many security features which can aid you in creating a safer environment for your kids when you are not around.

Here are some of the safety features a smart home automation system has to offer:

Remote Locks:

No more lost keys…..These locks come with the capability of assigning personalized codes to multiple users. You can give your children their own code and be alerted through text when they enter the home. The same applies for a babysitter. The code can also be programmed  to work only certain hours, so when your sitter leaves for the day, they no longer have access to your home.  The locks can also be used to monitor and alert you if your child or sitter forgets to lock the door behind them. Once alerted you have the capability of locking the door remotely.

Video Door Phone:

A video door phone will allow a child or sitter to see who is at the door before answering it. It also has capabilities to take a picture and/or video of the visitor.

Door Sensors:

Adding door sensors to high risk areas, like a medicine cabinet, a closet containing cleaning products or a room the children/babysitter are not supposed to enter can be a beneficial safety measure. If any of the sensors are activated an alert will immediately be sent to your phone.

Security Cameras:

A surveillance system can allow you to view what is going on at home with real time video. You can monitor who is in your house and what anyone is doing at that specific time. The viewing can all be done remotely.

Additional Safety Features To Consider: 

A panic button can be added and accessed through smart phone or smart remote. If the panic button is pressed, you will be alerted, as well as the appropriate authorities. You can also add your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to your system to alert you and the authorities if either is triggered.

A smart home automation system can give you the peace of mind you are looking for. For more information call DTM Installations at (845) 429-7100 and get started on making your house a smart home.