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Winter Weather Awareness Week: Emergency Kit Checklist

When preparing for the upcoming winter months each family should prepare an emergency kit for their home. An emergency kit is an important safety precaution in case you become trapped in your home for several days or a power outage due to weather …

Is Your Doorbell Smart?

The latest trend in home security is the “smart” or video doorbell. It allows you to see, hear and speak to someone at your door through an iOS or Android device….

Safety Tips For The Home

While having a monitored home security system, installed by a professional, is the best way to keep your home secure, here are a few “Do’s” of home safety every homeowner should know….

Fire Prevention Week: Can You Hear The Beep While You Sleep?

This year, Fire Prevention Week’s theme is “Hear the beep where you sleep: Every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm”. The theme is a reminder to all home owners/renters that it is recommended for a smoke alarm be placed…

Home Automation: It Can Help Keep Your Children Safe

Today’s home automation systems offer many security features which can aid you in creating a safer environment for your kids when you are not around….

Grilling Safety Tips

Your first step when buying a new grill is to read the owner’s manual to understand how to maintain, assemble, use, clean and store your particular grill….

My Contract Says What?!?!

Always remember to read the fine print. A lot of companies are luring consumers in with a low monthly monitoring rate. They sometimes fail to mention that this rate is only an introductory rate….

Video Surveillance: Choosing the Right System for You

Surveillance systems can be fully customized and designed. They can be integrated with most existing security systems; including door sensors, motion detectors, alarms, access control and more…..

Creating A Fire Safety Plan

If you are in a fire situation, exit the building immediately. You do not have time to make a phone call or to grab valuables. Once you are outside, do not re-enter the building…

Top Items Wanted In A Home Break-In

A burglar looks for items which are small, valuable and easy to remove. Some of the tops items a burglar wants from your home are..

Fire Safety: Have Your Smoke and CO Detectors Reached The End Of Their Useful Life?

As they age, sensors begin to lose sensitivity. You want any alarm in your house to be at its peak sensing ability, to ensure your safety….

Cellular Monitoring And Home Security

Cellular Monitoring has become more relevant and is emerging as the new standard for home security solutions…..

Home Automation Ideas For Your Home

Smart Homes and Home Automation Technology are becoming the new “norm” in the modern house. The uses of these technologies are endless…

Insurance Companies Offer Huge Discounts For Monitored Alarm Systems

The reason insurance companies are now offering such huge discounts for customers who have a monitored security system installed is because modern systems are more reliable than ever before….

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