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Home Automation Ideas For Your Home

Home Automation Ideas: Home Automation and Smart Home Systems  are becoming the new “norm” in the modern house. The uses of these technologies are endless. From controlling our lights, appliances and home entertainment systems. Monitoring our security and safety.  In addition, saving us time and money.

Listed below are a few of my favorite Home Automation ideas:

There is safety in light

When the garage door is activated after dark, have your lights leading up to your front door automatically turn on.

I have tried motion sensor lights in the past to try to accomplish this…only to find myself spending my time jumping up and down in front of the sensors to try and activate them. Now the only time I have to jump up and down is at the gym, during a burpees set.

Saving energy is on everyone mind

Have the lights in a room automatically turn off when your motion detectors sense the room is vacant for a specified period.

This automation program has saved me time and money. I used to spend my nights trailing my children, as they jumped from room to room, leaving lights on everywhere. Now I just sit back and relax and let my Home Automation System, Control4, do the work for me. Bonus: My electrical bill is down 10%!

Always know when someone is entering or leaving your home

Program the lights in your house to flash briefly when any exterior door is opened.

My youngest, is an “escape artist”. Every time I turn around, he is heading for the outside. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on pricey locks to try and keep him from escaping (only to have him learn how to open them within days). Now every time my little opens an exterior, I am immediately alerted, no matter where I am in the house. 

and lastly…..

No more mold

Add a humidity sensor in your bathroom. You can have your exhaust fan automatically turn on when a room reached a certain moisture level.

This automation feature has cut my cleaning time in half.  Bonus: I no longer have to stand outside the bathroom door, yelling to, “PUT THE FAN ON”, when someone in my household is showering.

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