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Video Surveillance: Choosing the Right System for You

When thinking about installing a surveillance camera system, it seems like there are endless options. Therefore, there are some factors to consider:

Environmental Factors:

Choose cameras with dust and moisture-proof housing if they will be placed in high dirt and dust areas.

Obvious or Hidden:

Cameras which are out in the open can probably deter a thief by their presence. However, a hidden camera is best, if you want to gather information secretly.

Single location or wide area:

Are your cameras needed to focus on a single place or scan a wide area of space? Many cameras come with lenses which adjust and others come with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.

Image quality:

If you want to observe an area with harsh lighting  you will need a high resolution camera system. For a small, well-lit area a basic camera system with a low resolution should be fine.

Data Storage:

A simple security camera set-up can rely on memory cards installed in the cameras themselves. If you are looking for a long-term and large data storage, opt for a NVR (network video recorder).

Day or Night:

Finally, if you want to observe areas with no or low light,  invest in a camera which has infrared LEDs.

Above all, a surveillance camera system can be fully customized and designed. Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced security consultant. As a result, they are trained to make sure all your assets are protected and needs are met. For more information, contact DTM Installations at (845) 429-7100.